Sentiment Analysis API

Determine the sentiment of any text. Our sentiment analysis uses natural language processing (NLP) to classify a string of text on a sliding scale from negative to positive.

Extract Sentiment From Any Text

As we move further into the age of constant updates, live feeds, and instant feedback, it is critical for any company to gain an understanding of both its internal and external interactions. Having the ability to track the indepedent or collective sentiment of any given situation can be crucial to succes.

Our Sentiment Analysis API returns detailed scores between 0 and 1, broken down into multiple segments. Each text analyzed is broken down into a negative score, a neutral score, a positive score, and, ultimately a compound score. Each compound score computes from -1 (extremely negative) to 1 (extremely positive). A score of 0 indicates a neutral statement.

Determine sentiment automatically and at scale.

Our Sentiment Analysis tool makes use of both advanced natural language processing (NLP) and constantly evolving machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze text through a scalable and secure RESTful API.

Sentiment score is generated using classification techniques and natural language processing. Our sentiment analysis algorithm gains intelligence over time through machine learning.