News Aggregation API

Get real-time news headlines from top news sources with our News Aggregation API. Choose topics and easily add current, relevant news to any web application.

News Discovery Powered by Natural Language Processing

News search, discovery, and analysis powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Get curated news feeds based on topic for your own site or application.

Our advanced news discovery algorithms give you a unique and curated news experience for each individual use case. Using this powerful NLP tool to discover and aggregate news can enhance any application with relevant content.

Curated news for any application.

Our News Aggregation tool makes use of both advanced NLP and state-of-the-art ML algorithms to analyze available news through a scalable and secure RESTful API.

We monitor hundreds of high-quality news outlets in real-time to provide as deep and flexible news feeds as possible. Our tool can adapt to your needs and discover content in a way that fits your specific content needs.

Available News Topics

Currently available topics include: trending/headlines, astronomy, business, economy, entertainment, environment, food, health, movies, music, politics, science, sports, technology, & travel.

News Aggregation API Quick Facts

  • Real-time news feeds.
  • News categorized by topic.
  • Enhance any application with relevant content.

News Aggregation API Technical Details

  • REST API: GET or POST requests
  • API access with API key & authentication
  • Monthly limits depend on subscription plan

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